Ographr helps you build your business and portfolio by connecting you with customers. Our mobile platform handles cash free payments, and scheduling so you can let your creative juices flow.  

Earn A Living

Make a great income being a photographer or videographer, and work more frequently.    

We Find You Clients

We do extensive marketing to find new clients to help you book jobs

Editing is Separate

no more editing out backgrounds, superimposing missing friends, or creative cropping. 

Safer Freelancing 

We verify customer's id and offer reviews for added safety when you're out on shoots. 


Set Your Rate 

Dynamic pricing allows you to set your price based on your skill level and eagerness to pick up work. 

Flexible Hours 

Set your own schedule and work when you want.

Gain Exposure

Jumpstart your career with field experience and build your portfolio of work

Fast Payment 

Funds are distributed into your bank account 2-4 days after your session


Here's how to get started