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Ographr App Story


Ographr App Story

we want to make the process for booking photogrpahers better 

Looking for the right photographer is not only time consuming, it can be downright overwhelming. This is what Ographr's founders Stephanie & Tristan McGann discovered when booking a photographer for their wedding. We created Ographr to help take the headache and stress out of finding the best photographer for any occasion.

Ographr makes the process of finding a photographer as simple as possible. In less than 60 seconds you can book an experienced photographer that won’t break your bank.

We know that quality photography is more than just someone with a nice camera. All Ographr’s photographers are vetted to be safe, trained, have field experience, and knowledge to compose and execute shots in any lighting. App users select photographers based on their type, rate, portfolio of work and availability. Users can view detailed profiles and book a session the same day or up to 30 days in advance.

Pricing was a key factor, we wanted to provide an affordable solution for more casual events such as a backyard BBQ, but also wanted the option to hire pay a premium for professional photographers for important occassions to ensure the best possible outcome. Ographr's rates start out at $49 per hour and increase based on experience level.

We received our wedding photos 3 months later after the luster of our special day was long gone. Getting photos back in a timely manner is so important, especially in our digital era of camera phones. Ographr provides customers with a speedy 2-day turnaround time to deliver unedited photos, so the entire photography booking process gets done in a flash.

# iam photo worthy

We believe every one is photo worthy and want to encourage positive self-esteem through beautiful high quality photography. We want to empower anyone to post their favorite photo of themselves on social media using #iamphotoworthy and share their story to encourage their followers to feel more confident and beautiful. What makes you beautiful inside and out? What advice can you give to help others overcome their camera shyness and be photo worthy? Photos are our legacy and we owe it to our families and friends to take and share photos of ourselves to look back on. 

Social Causes

As artists ourselves, we are passionate about giving back to help support young artists and help other charities through creative photography campaigns. Ographr donates 5% of our proceeds to charities that support youth Art Education programs. We believe learning design principles and expressing creativity is essential for every child to develop. Top CEO's also agree that the skill most needed in future workforce is creativity.  Our goal is to provide creative jobs for artists of the future and build a community of creators. 

Ographr's Pink Portraits campaign helps support Breast Cancer Awareness, which helps encourage women to take precautionary steps for early detection. 

Ographr Cities

Ographr App is currently operating in Los Angeles, and we plan to expand to other urban areas such as New York, San Francisco, Phoenix, Chicago, and even London.

Please submit your city for future launch requests!