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how to get photography clients

Ographr helps you build your business and portfolio by connecting you with customers. Our mobile platform handles cash free payments, and scheduling so you can let your creative juices flow.  



We handle all the marketing and advertising to help you book more jobs.  We made editing an optional add on fee so you can spend more time taking photos! Clients will be charged for just your time photographing and love getting their photos back within 2 days. They can decide which photos they want edited after the receive their pics. 


What should my rate be?

You rate should reflect your level of experience, expertise, and equipment. We encourage all photographers to set their ographr rate lower than their typical rate since they're saving over 70% of their time. Clients use Ographr for quick & easy shoots with a fast turnaround, not a full service shoot with consultations and professional editing. The lowest hourly rate is set at $49 and goes up to $1000/ hr. and you can change your rate at any time.  Learn more about Pricing

How does it work? 

  •  Apply to Be a Photographer 
  •  If approved, we'll send you a code to sign in to Ographr app Create your profile on Ographr App by uploading your portfolio, setting your hourly rate, availability calendar, and payout method. 

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