Book Affordable PHOTOGRAPHERS STARTING AT $60 / hr

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Photographers rates are more affordable on Ographr app because shoots are designed to be quick and easy with fast turn around times and no editing. Our photographers rates might be higher on their own websites because they include additional services like consultations, location research, inspiration boards, professional editing, retouching, etc. 

what factors into photographer's rate


A 2 hour photo session could really mean 3 - 4 hours of work for a photographer. Their hourly rate factors in traveling time to reach the location, communication with client, the actual shoot, transferring and backing up photos, culling and delivering the photos. 


Ographr’s pricing is different for emerging and professional photographers based on the level of experience and quality of gear.

Pro Photographers don’t compromise and invest in professional gear.  They spend thousands and thousands of dollars getting multiple camera bodies, the finest lenses, memory cards, flash equipment for every situation, tripods, light stands, backdrops, external hard drives, fast computers, etc.

Emerging Photographers typically have entry level camera bodies, lenses, memory cards, and flash equipment, and invest hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in gear. This is why their prices are set lower than Pros. 


Experience is the one thing that may beat everything. And the Professionals are vastly experienced. They can advice you over a number of things which you would not be able to decide. They know what’s right and what could go wrong. Emerging photographers don’t have as much field experience as a pro would so their prices are lower. 


creative eye

Photographers have a creative eye for design. They can transform an ordinary setting into an extraordinary one. They know angles to make anyone look their best. They take their time and keep taking pics until they get the shot right. 

Most photographers know how to direct poses to make you look the best, frame the shot, and make sure the background isn’t distracting.


Photographers need a computer with enough RAM and ultra fast image processing for more efficient workflow. They purchase professional licenses for software and different cloud back-up storage solutions. 

Computer & software


The truth is, you get what you pay for and there are no second chances in life. You will get photographs worth every penny spent.  If you desire professional magazine quality photos, invest in booking one of our professional photographers with years of experience. For simple daytime outdoor photoshoots an emerging photographer will be great.  All of our photographers will capture memories that will last a lifetime, which is priceless. 


Photoshoot Consultations

Need help figuring out where to shoot, what to wear, and other creative ideas? We can help! 

email us and write consultation in the subject line