Setting up FTP and Uploading Files

Some of Ographr photographers use FTP or File Transfer Protocol to deliver photos to us.

FTP is an easy way for you to send us lots of files at once. There are lots of free FTP applications you can use – a quick search on the web will show many free choices. Cyberduck is the only FTP client that does NOT work with our servers so you cannot use it to submit files to us.

  1. Download and Install a FTP program.
  2. Launch the FTP program.
  3. Enter the server address ( and the port number (21).
  4. Enter your Ographr username and password.
  5. Click Connect.

Once downloaded, installed and opened, you’ll see one window showing your local computer (local site) usually on the left, and the other (remote site) usually on the right, which is our FTP server showing the root directory folder.

Drag the files you want to upload from the window of your computer to the window of our FTP server into the root directory ONLY and the files will start uploading. Make sure you don’t drag it into the _processing folder or your photos won’t go into the queue.